Severed Remains - A Display Of Those Defiled (2003)

The depths of brutal death metal...Severed Remains was a brutal death metal band from Ohio. This is a good album which mixes brutal death metal with grindcore. They were going to release another album, but they just splitted-up.

Los fosos del brutal death metal...Severed Remains fue una banda de brutal deah metal proveniente de Ohio. Este album contiene una buena mezcla de brutal death metal y grindcore. Iban a lanzar otro album, pero se separaron.

Pais: USA
Genero: Brutal Death Metal
Web: No Website
1.Prelude For Dementia
2. Grind...I Just Might?
3. Shishkafuck
4. You Cut...I'll Shred
5. Liege Of Inveracity (Suffocation cover)
6. Derived Of Fluids (Remastered Demo Version)
7. Anally Molested And Viciously Beaten Into Unconsciousness


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