Septic Cemetery - Shattered (2000)

Septic Cemetery was a "Melodic Death Metal" band, I wouldn't classify them as melodeath, for me it sounds like death n' roll with piano, a kind of innovation. There is almost nothing about this band.
Clear production, deadly vocals, simple guitar melodies (I can´t believe there are 2 guitars on this), no solos, the almost inaudible bass, the drum machine (a real drummer could play this) and the atmospheric/enjoyable piano. The songs are very repetitive but catchy, specially Manslaughter and Shattered.
The band splitted-up after releasing this album.

Septic Cemetery fue una banda de "Melodic Death Metal", para mi no suena como melodic death, parece una especie de death n´roll con piano, algo innovador. No hay casi nada de informacion sobre ellos.
Buena produccion, buenas vocals, guitarras simples (2 guitarras, wow), sin solos, el bajo casi inaudible, maquina de bateria (un baterista real pudiera tocarlo), y el piano atmosferico y disfrutable. Las canciones son repetitivas pero pegajosas, especialmente Manslaughter y Shattered.
La banda se desintegró despues de lanzar el album.

Pais: Austria
Genero: Melodic Death Metal
Web: No Website
1. D.J.U. Intro
2. Dominating Force
3. Shattered
4. Manslaughter
5. Hypnotical Vibs
6. Under The Sun
7. Soulfilth
8. Your Call
9. D.J.U. End Credits


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