Macabra - Blood-Nurtured Nature (2012)

Pais: Belgica/USA
Genero: Death Metal
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1. Life Is The Symptom (Thy Entrails Rot)
2. Fragments Of Torpor (Necrodepravity Through Mortal Disfiguration)
3. Hominal Peel Diggers (The Swarm Of Necrobies)
4. Blood-Nurtured Nature (Tainted Lust For The Wicked)
5. Consuming The Fleshly Wax (The Rule Of Decomposing Eminence)
6. Thick Slabs Of Moribund Fat (Hung On Hooks)
7. Contribution To Your Dis-Elaboration (Sustenance Of The Void)
8. Exile Of Sanity (Entombing The Brutalized)


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