Mortus - Leaving The Swamps (2003)

One of the best underground metal albums ever. WHY? because it shows the talented and creativity on this band. Unfortunately the band splitted-up. Mortus changed their style in every release. This one shows some kind of heavy/groove/thrash metal. Songs like Newborn Sun (sounds like Metallica) or Workout (Amazing thrash metal) are just fantastic.
You guys, DOWNLOAD THIS, it is really hard to get. Now this band is called Darius Mondop, they play groove metal, really nice.
Groovy, catchy, Leaving The Swamps.
Highlights: Workout, Just What We Are, Compact.

Uno de los mejores albumes de metal underground. Por que? porque muestra el talento y la creatividad que tuvo esta banda. La banda está disuelta. Mortus cambiaba su estilo en cada lanzamiento. Este muestra un tipo de heavy/groove/thrash metal. Canciones como Newborn Sun (algo parecido a Metallica) o Workout (Thrash Metal sorprendente) son fantásticas.
Descárguenlo, es muy difícil de obtener. Esta banda actualmente se llama Darius Mondop, y tocan buen groove metal.
Groove Metal pegajoso, eso es Leaving the Swamps.
Recomendaciones: Workout, Just What We Are, Compact.

Pais: Austria
Genero: Metal
Web: No Website
1. The Good Son
2. Bleeding Works Of Art
3. Just What We Are
4. Phyllis And Stanley
5. If Eternity Was Enough
6. The Cube
7. Newborn Sun
8. Compact
9. Why?
10. Avoid Drowning
11. Workout
12. Evolution


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